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Hi, I'm Łukasz Formela.

I have been playing with code for the last 3 years. I know HTML and CSS, also a bit of JS and PHP. Currently I am mastering PHP with OOP and MVC. If you need a Junior PHP Dev who is keen to learn and excited about new challenges, let me know!

Recent handpicked works

Custom theme design for Nkenge Brown

Nkenge has requested minimal website design, ideal for fashion blog. Additional features included: recent YouTube videos, popular posts and related posts widgets. Website is using WordPress.

jsWritr - JS typing effect script

A small JS script that writes sentences on screen in a more natural way, with random pauses between each typed letter.

jsLaLo - JS lazy load effect

The most simple lazy load effect - entire divs are being faded in with a slight vertical transition once browser scroll reaches certain point.